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How long of a lease do you typically require?

Typically, leases are for one calendar year.  Requests for six-month leases are handled on an individual basis.  We typically offer a discount on your monthly rent for leases that are two years or longer!

What kind of security deposit can I expect to pay?

Typically, the security deposit we require is equal to one month's rent.  When we run a credit report on your application, the computer, based on your credit history, may require a larger security deposit.

When I move in, how much rent in advance will I have to pay?

If you move in prior to or on the 15th of the month, your rent will be through the end of the month you move in.  If you move in after the 15th of the month, your rent will be through the end of the month plus the next month's rent.  This rental amount will be added to your security deposit and pet deposit requirements.

Do you allow pets?  Do you charge a pet deposit?

Small dogs and cats are welcome.  Homeowner's covenants prohibit any occupant from having more than two pets on the property.  You can expect, under most circumstances, to submit a pet deposit.  This pet deposit will be utilized to care for the home in the event of pet damage and to pay for in-depth cleaning after you depart.

Are you a Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Section 8 participant?  Do you accept vouchers?

DCA Section 8 applicants are handled no differently than non-DCA Section 8 applicants...we are an equal housing opportunity company.

What utilities will your company cover?

Mitchell Properties bears the cost of garbage collection on all properties.  Each tenant is individually responsible for electricity, natural gas, water & sewer, cable television, high-speed Internet access, and personal telephone service.  Specific companies that provide these services are listed on each individual property.

I want you to rent my home for me!  Will you provide property management services?

Mitchell Properties does not lease properties for individual owners at this time.

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