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Tenant Information
for Current and Prospective Tenants

Emergency Maintenance Procedures
Learn how the lease defines Emergencies and the procedures Mitchell Properties uses to respond.
Routine Maintenance Procedures
Routine property maintenance is a very serious matter with Mitchell Properties.  Our properties must remain in good repair and fully operational.
Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities
Single-family homes and townhomes are maintained differently than apartments.  In an apartment community, there is usually a full-time employee on staff responsible specifically for property repairs.
Rent Payment Options
Mitchell Properties offers several easy payment methods.  We accept cash, personal checks, electronic funds transfer, and online payments.
Rent Payment Procedures
As required by the lease, rent is due on the first day of each calendar month.  If the first day of a calendar month falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, payment on the next business day by noon is acceptable.
The Rent Collection Process
The process of collecting rent on past due accounts is an arduous, stressful process and requires strict understanding and compliance with Georgia's landlord / tenant laws.
Early Lease-Termination Information
The lease may offer an option to terminate the lease early or a tenant may be unable to fulfill the lease commitment.  Early termination can be a simple or complex process.
Tenant Move-Out Process
Tenants may terminate their lease early--without penalty--on the lease expiration date provided that the tenant has submitted written notice of intent to terminate at least sixty (60) calendar days prior to the lease expiration date.
Showing the Property Prior to Move-Out
During the final days of occupancy, it is critical that tenants continue to comply with all of the terms of the lease agreement.  The lease specifically states how tenants must be prepared to make the property available to be previewed by prospective tenants.
The Return of Security Deposits
Mitchell Properties wants nothing more than to return 100% of each tenant's security deposit.

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